AfrotroniX says everything…

Winner of the Hagood Hardy Prize presented this year to a world music creator at the 30th SOCAN Gala, AfrotroniX spent some time speaking to SOCAN.
He spoke with an open heart about his journey, his obstacles, his love for Quebec, his desire to break down musical barriers on our territory, and his latest project.

And if you were to ask yourself what his helmet means, it’s an interview to see, share and share again.

Who is AfrotroniX?

Named Best African DJ at the AFRIMA 2018 gala, AfrotroniX combines electronic music with African rhythms and Touareg blues.

Live, AfrotroniX’s show evolves to the rhythm of an original creation mixing DJing, live instruments (drums: Lionel Kizaba) and Afro-urban choreographic performances in a futuristic visual universe.

Discovered at the AFROPUNK festival in Paris, AfrotroniX is an original project created by the famous Chadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye, who has collaborated with several international artists, e. g. Mbongwana Star, Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown).

He now lives in Montreal and has spent more than ten years on stages in Quebec and Canada and has toured the world (Australia, United States, South Africa, Korea, China, Switzerland…)

Don’t you know it?

Visit his website for more information “Click here”.

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