December 12, 2018


This will be our 9th consecutive participation in the APAP‘s annual gathering! We are proud to team up again with our colleagues from Drom, New York’s legendary club, which last year celebrated 10 years of service to world music artists as well as our friends at RPS and globalFEST to host a great night.

Meet us on Friday, January 4, 2019 for 7 diverse and dynamic artists mingle with the global community.

in collaboration Wavelengths: APAP World Music Pre-conference
co-produced by Rock Paper Scissors & globalFEST
Friday, January 4 @ Drom: 85 Ave. A
Reception 6-7:30pm with bevs &bites (APAP delegates15% off menu)

7:00pm    OKAN*
7:45pm    Ramon Chicharron*
8:30pm    Quique Escamilla*
9:15pm    Nomad’Stones*
10:00pm  Newpoli
10:45pm  Malou Beauvoir
11:30pm  Lemon Bucket Orkestra*

* Presented by Mundial Montreal

This is mission is in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada in NY & Québec Government Office in NY. This project has been made possible in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and SODEC.

A contemporary blend of jazz, Afro-Cuban and world rhythms, OKAN’s inspiration is rooted in Cuban Music. Embracing genres and roles historically dominated by men, co-leaders, composers, and multi-instrumentalists Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne bring a fresh perspective to Latin and world jazz fusion through their powerful vocals, incredible musicianship and lyrical content.

Colombian-born Montrealer, Ramon Chicharron expresses his love for his roots through his music. In his own inimitable style, he sings about the plight of migrants and his love for “pachamama” by combining afro-colombian rythms of cumbia and champeta to psycho-tropical guitar.

Quique Escamilla was born and raised in the warm lands of the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Today he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, international artist living in Toronto. Juno Award Winner in 2015, he rapidly become a rising star on the Canadia music scene since his arrival in 2007. Quique has toured Canada extensively coast-to-coast in the last 3 years and began touring Europe in 2016 for three times. Other international performances include Mexico and the USA.

Originating from multiple roots, Nomad’Stones is a project inspired by the billions of dust that each one sows on its way. The resultant mixed-race music wavers between the Africa of the origins and the West of the discoveries, with a style imbued with humanism where the idea of frontier no longer exists.

With exciting interpretations of traditional and originals that draw deeply from one of the world’s lesser known music traditions, Newpoli is Italy’s next inspiring interpreter of southern Italy’s taranta tradition. The group stirs up a mesmerizing sound that melds traditional Italian folk music, Greek and Turkish Grooves, Mediterranean and Spanish colours, and a contemporary sensibility they call “Mediterranean Pulse – Ritmi della Terra.” Fronted by singers Carmen Marsico and Angela Rossi, a pair that PopMatters in 2016 called “…, visual and musical cynosures with their contrasting looks and twining vocal lines,” the two female singers will start up a wild, frenetic dance and you’ll have a very hard time sitting still! In concert you’ll hear the tamburello, played by virtuoso Fabio Pirozzolo, pounding out the heartbeat of Newpoli’s music; the tempo is high, and the drama and passion can be heard in every note!

Born in Chicago to Haitian parents and raised in New York, Malou’s art has always been infused with a spiritual quality rooted in Haitian music. This quality is now more prominent, taking on a new sense of urgency and representing the essence of her sound. It is fundamental to everything she does — both in music and in her social work. Malou has played venues around the world – from Dubai to Rio, Beirut, London, New York and Paris. She currently splits her time between Brussels and New York, continuing to travel around the world. Beauvoir’s diverse recording career ranges from featured Universal France artist (Datafolk) to collaborations with hip hop, dance, and house artists. Her love of the beauty and freedom inherent in singing jazz yielded several albums, including Is This Love (2016) and Spiritwalker, which she released late 2018.

Lemon Bucket Orkestra is a guerilla-punk-party-brass band massive like no other. Tracing their roots back to the streets of Toronto, the original quartet of busking troubadours quickly amassed a battalion of like-minded musical souls and the full-blown, dozen-plus strong Orkestra was born. The multi-award winning ensemble has been heralded as a groundbreaking, genre-bending phenomenon by the Canadian and international media alike and over the past 8 years they have performed on streets and stages around the world, leaving a trail of new friends and dedicated fans in their wake.