Crafted for the artists, in collaboration with SOCAN, Groover, Side Door & Cult Nation

The Artist Lab is a new activity presented by M for Montreal and Mundial Montreal, designed to provide artists and music makers the necessary tools to develop their careers and create meaningful connections.

Free and open to all, the Artist Lab is featuring one-on-one sessions with representatives of key funding agencies, meetings with experienced music industry professionals, technology demonstrations, panels and more.


When? November 22, 1pm
Where? Cult Nation (160 Saint Viateur E St., Suite 803)
How much? Free, open to all

SOCANCOOKING BEATS - Grandmaster Class with Michael “DrtWrk” Suski

Thanks to Technology, beatmaking has become a flagship activity in music. Artists like Murda Beatz, Kaytranada or Banx & Ranx, are now essential players in the music scene. How do they create these masterpieces? What software do they use? How do they propose their creations to artists?

Grandmaster Class with Michael “DrtWrk” Suski

Michael “DrtWrk” Suski, will be joining Widney Bonfils, Executive A&R at SOCAN, to discuss this topic. You will have access to some of the most guarded secrets and leave with enriching knowledge and a ton of inspiration!

Listening Session & Pros Feedback

Groover connects artists who want to promote their music with the best media, radios and labels seeking emerging talents. An innovative web platform on which musicians are ensured to be listened to, get feedback guaranteed and coverage.

At the Artist Lab, Groover organizes an exclusive listening and live feedback session by talented music professionals for independent artists. The 3 professionals you will meet are:


Gautier Villette, Director / A&R Hydrophonik Records – Artist Manager Indica Records (Foreign Diplomats and Hein Cooper)


Alice Bocquet, Project Manager Chivi Chivi Chivi


Guillaume Lombart, Publisher Ad Litteram

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Shows On Your Own Terms: Bookings Outside the Box

Join the Side Door team and special guest panelists Thanya Iyer at this town hall style event to examine the evolving culture of booking shows and how that’s changing with new technology.


Thanya Iyer is both a person and a band. Thanya Iyer the person, is 1/3 of Thanya Iyer the band. The other 2/3s are made up of Alex, Dan, and other great friends. Thanya Iyer (the band) has done a lot (released an album, released a mixtape, played at festivals, played in every time zone in North America, etc). Thanya Iyer (the person) has done all this and then some. Thanya Iyer (the person) is a very busy person. Thanya Iyer (the band) is a very busy band and the sound has evolved to reflect this. Thanya Iyer (the band) struggles to define their music (only when asked, they don’t think about it the rest of the time) and rather than recite a list of genres and sub-genres, they would rather you just listen and tell them. But for the lazy (or busy) people out there maybe Future-Folk is accurate (or vague) enough? Thanya Iyer (the person and the band) will continue her and their never-ending quest to bring joy to those they come in contact with. Using music, conversation, green tea, and miscellaneous.  

Masaru Emoto

Discussion on publishing

Jeff Waye of Third Side Music explains the ins and outs of publishing, giving useful information that will help to understand this crucial aspect of the music business. A must-attend for anyone who has participated in recordings.

One on one sessions with organizations:

Meeting and advice in managing 

your repertoire

You would like to entrust us the management of your rights, to ask questions on our organization, our services or simply to exchange on the management of your repertory, come to see us for one on one meeting. Soproq is a not-for-profit collective rights management organization for makers of sound recordings and music videos. The organization collects and distributes royalties from the public performance and reproduction of sound recordings and music videos in its repertoire, as well as the royalties from the private copying regime.

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Masaru Emoto

Meeting and advice


Individual meetings with stakeholders to discuss your project.