Why Attend Mundial

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Mundial offers the chance to discover some of the best emerging artists from Canada and beyond! High quality artists from around the country come to perform showcases at Mundial. Our shows are stacked with talent, to be discovered and enjoyed. Our program features a free afternoon series, as well as our infamous back-and-forth night, with bands alternating between 2 venues! Come celebrate our rich cultural diversity! Here is a tip: Get a Festival Passport and access all shows and panels of the week!



Mundial offers the opportunity to play a 25-minute set in front of national & international tastemakers, festival programmers, venue buyers, journalists, and agents.

Showcases (only 30-35!) do not compete with any other showcase or activity so you have the best chances of delegates seeing your show.

Mundial is designed to generate concrete results for the artists who play at our event. In addition to having the opportunity to perform live for our delegates, Mundial offers activities where your artist representative can meet and develop relationships with professionals who can potentially provide performance offers, secure representation, record deals, etc.

Mundial Montreal is an opportunity to build your Montreal fan base. We encourage inviting friends and fans to attend your showcase (showcases are open to both public and industry professionals, free access in the afternoon and affordable ticketing for evening showcases).

Mundial allows you to meet targeted delegates during the festival in our “Speed Schmoozing” and “Mentor Café” activities, and also gives you access to mingle with delegates at cocktails, delegate dinners, and other events.

“Unlike other similar events, Mundial has a very even ratio of buyers/sellers. This makes it much easier to interact with and develop meaningful and desirable professional relationships.”
– Jaffa Road, Artist (Canada)

One of the best showcase festivals, it has a lot of structure and opportunity to get RESULTS!
– Juliana Voloz, JV-Promotion, TRAD.ATTACK! (Germany)

“The key advantage for bands appearing at Mundial Montreal is showcasing to ALL of the delegate base at the same time.”
– Alan James, Hold Tight – 9Bach (UK)

I was truly impressed with Mundial’s approach, especially the directness of matching artists with buyers.
– Alex Mallett, Folk Alliance International, (United States)



At Mundial you will not only discover Montreal’s nightlife and culture, but you will experience the best-kept secrets on the emerging music scene from Canada’s most influential cultural hotbeds.

Mundial is one-of-a-kind, specialized event with key industry professionals. We like to say we curate showcases, and we curate curators! Our boutique program allows you to see everything, all this in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, while mingling with your colleagues.

Mundial Montreal has formalized a network of presenters interested in developing world music (World Routes Network), determined to expand their horizons, swap trade secrets and inspire a better vision for world music.

During the event in November, Mundial hosts 3 Private Presenter Meetings to architect the path to more cooperative and effective touring strategies, address common issues, etc.

“Mundial Montreal is the “full meal deal”: great music, great networking opportunities, thoughtful sessions and everything is so well organized. A wonderful conference.”
Sandra Butel, Regina Folk Festival (Canada)

“Mundial is the best bang for my conference budget buck of the year.”
– Andy Hillhouse, Harrison Festival of the Arts (Canada)

“The Canadian festivals market is very vibrant and I can see the connections and collaborations are very present. It was also great to be exposed to Indigenous music from Canada and to learn more about Canadian artists and industry trends in general.”
– Paula Abreu, City Parks Foundation / SummerStage (United States)  

“It was a really stellar conference with a high-end boutique feel!”
– Lisa Stafford, Festival International de Louisiane (United States)  

“Friendly, collegial and easy to navigate”
Natalie Neuert Vermont Lane Series (United States)  

Mundial Montreal creates a unique opportunity to connect with mission driven world music presenters & artists in a manner that is as dynamic as it is intimate.
Ehren Cruz, The LEAF Festival (United States)