March 31, 2015


Back from Marseille… where we had the chance to meet with key professionals and discovered great talents! The famous southern wind « le mistral » didn’t prevent us from enjoying this 3-day festival neither from connecting with our european peers ! And we are happy to announce that the band who received the Transatlantic Bridge Prize is… Joe Driscoll & Sékou Kouyaté!!

Babel Med Music offers both a professional trade fair and a popular festival for the public at large. Its forum is widely recognized as one of the best in the industry, and its ideal location in the heart of the Mediterranean has situated Babel Med Music as one of Europe’s leading events in world music since 2005. Its vibrations radiate worldwide!

In 2015, with almost 15,000 festivalgoers and 2,000 professionals gathered for 3 days and 3 nights, this international world music conference maintains, year after year, its economic and cultural booster of global musical trends status.

Babel Med Music 2015:

★ 1 Forum
 gathering 2 000 professionals, a trade fair open for 3 days with 160 booths and 750 organizations

✦ 13 panels, 2 speed-meeting sessions

★ 5 prizes

★ 12 movie documentaries

★ 3 nights, 28 hours of music, 3 stages, 31 concerts et thousands of sounds vibrations from Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Bénin, Canada, Cabo-Verde, Colombia, South Korea, Cuba, Egypte, Spain, USA, France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, La Réunion, La Martinique…), Ghana, UK, Greece, Guinea, Hunguria, Iran, Israël, Italy, Liban, Mali, Maroc, Norway, Ouganda, Poland, Portugal, Roumania, Sénégal, Turquia, Venezuela…



We are happy to announce the Second « Transatlantic Bridge » Prize’s winner:

JOE DRISCOLL & SÉKOUP1130597 KOUYATÉ! The Prize was presented last week by Derek Andrews, Mundial Montreal’s Artistic Director, during Babel Med Music’s Official Prize Awarding.

The duo will therefore have the opportunity to present their second album Monistic Theory, during one of Mundial Montreal’s 5th edition’s Official Showcase.

Cumbancha will release Joe Driscoll & Sékou Kouyaté’s new album, Monistic Theory, this October.

The first « Transatlantic Bridge » Prize was presented to LE VENT DU NORD, spotted at Mundial Montreal, last November. They had the opportunity to be part of the 11th edition’s Official Selection of Babel Med Music, in Marseille. Their new album Têtu is now available! –


>> About the Prize <<

MUNDIAL MONTREAL is very proud to collaborate with BABEL MED MUSIC for this prize created to increase the circulation of artists between Europe and North America.

Every year, the « Transatlantic Bridge » Prize will be given to 2 talents one artist discovered at Mundial Montreal in November, as well as one artist spotted in Marseille, during Babel Med Music, in March. The winners will be offered a showcase slot in both festivals’ Official Programming, located on either side of the Atlantic.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop new business relations and open up doors to new markets for the selected artists.

« The Trans-Atlantique Bridge is somewhat self-explanatory, even if it is hard to imagine such an enormous physical object. The virtual bridge begins construction this year, based on a mutual respect for each other’s organizations. Ideally this exchange will lead to a strong and fruitful bond that will ensure successful new opportunities for performances in North America and Europe. », says Derek Andrews.