Proud partners since 2012! Every October at l’Astral, the Vitrine des Musiques Locales Métissées presents at MUZ, a 3-day showcase of roughly twenty emerging artists in front of a jury of professionals.

Stingray Rising Stars Award

Each year, Stingray is proud to contribute to the development of emerging Canadian music through the Stingray Rising Stars program.

Syli d'Or

Every year, from February to April, Les Syli d’Or de la Musique du Monde offers 36 groups the chance to play in a showcase at Club Balattou in front of a jury of industry professionals.

Prix de la diversité en musique

The Music Diversity Award aims to highlight the diversity of the city’s musical expressions and rewards two collectives of artists representative of cultural diversity.


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Mundial Montréal is proud to have collaborated with BABEL MED MUSIC for this award, which was part of an exchange program aimed at promoting the circulation of talent between North America and Europe.

The “Transatlantic Bridge” Award was presented to 2 winners each year – one artist spotted at MUNDIAL MONTRÉAL in November and one artist in BABEL MED MUSIC’s programming in March, offering everyone the opportunity to be presented at a showcase of the official programming of each festival located on either side of the Atlantic, thus encouraging the development of new business relationships and access to new markets for artists of cultural diversity.