CAPACOA is Canada’s largest performing arts conference, covering a range of disciplines including music, dance, theatre and more. The 2019 edition takes place in Ottawa from November 13-17. As a result of the close proximity of dates, numerous presenters extend their trip and double up on their discovery and networking!


We are pleased to report that 3 Mundial alumni will be showcasing at CAPACOA this year: Silla and Rise (Last year’s Stingray Rising Stars Award winners!), Boogát, and Elle Márjá Eira.


Check out their full showcase schedule.


Recognizing the turbulent socio-political climate we live in, CAPACOA is bringing its focus towards how arts professionals can impact society. In their own words:


“The arts are often the precursors to change. This year let’s explore this role together. 


Opening Up new domestic and international markets for our artists


Opening Up our institutions, venues, agencies and companies to collaborations & new ideas


Opening Up our minds and hearts 


Opening Up our decision-making / programming” 


Check out their delegate list and see who’s coming.