Mundial Montréal is proud to once again partner with the Conseil des arts de Montréal and its partners for the 9th edition of the Prix de la diversité en musique.

The call for applications was open until May 5, 2019!

The Music Diversity Prize aims to highlight the diversity of the city’s musical expressions and will reward two collectives of artists representative of cultural diversity by offering them support for creation, production, recording and dissemination for one year. The award has 2 components in order to better meet the needs of artists and the reality of the community:

  • Exploration around an established musical tradition
  • Creation around new or recent musical forms

Depending on the component, the winner will have access to some of the following prizes:




Congratulations to the collectives La Pirogue and Noubi Trio, winners of the 9th edition of the Music Diversity Award of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and its partners.

The jury wanted to highlight the musical approach of the musicians of La Pirogue, their complicity as well as their ease on stage and with the public. Composed of Romain Malagnoux, Brenda Diaz, Zilien Biret and Sergio Barrenechea, the collective offers music inspired by recognized musical traditions.

Noubi Trio distinguished itself by the talent of its three musicians: Noubi, alias Ibnou Ndiaye, Carlo Birri and Vincent Duhaime-Perreault. The jury particularly appreciated the charisma of the artists on stage as well as the creativity and professionalism of the group.



The Ensemble Âstân is the winner of the “exploration around an established musical tradition” section, while Ramon Chicharron was chosen as the winner of the “creation around new or recent musical forms” section. The Surkalén and Jeunesse Cosmique collectives were also finalists for the Diversity in Music Award.

The Ensemble Âstân won over the jury for its finesse and the virtuosity of the musicians’ playing, the cohesion of the ensemble and the interest of the artistic project inspired by the Shâhnâmeh or the Book of Kings, a Persian poem dating from the 11th century. Ramon Chicharron has excelled with his dancing and committed music, based on Afro-Colombian rhythms, the charisma of the musicians on stage and the mastery of their respective instruments in an assumed and modern musical style.