We are looking for artists that will use our event to foster their career at a national and international level. Having a representative, a released record, some shows, music videos and an online following are all a good start.

  • The call for submissions for the 2019 edition is open February 1st till April 1st 2019.
  • The fee is $40 CAD per submission (non refundable).



  • Artist needs to fill an online submission form with basic info like bio, videos, photos and press links.
  • Provide your most representative and best material.
  • Please use the form to submit –  emails or a physical submissions will not be reviewed.



  • Once the application is completed and paid, the primary contact will receive a confirmation email.
  • The pre-selection committee will review the submissions and grade them based on originality, songwriting skills and career establishment. Top rated artists will then be submitted to the programming team, which will extend the invitations.
  • A notification will be sent to the same contact about your final status, which should be sent between June- mid-September.
  • We review and listen to every submission.
  • If you are not accepted, we do not make any refund but you will be allowed one (1) artist wristband – artist wristband provide access to panels and showcases. Please note that you have to request that privilege before October 15th at info(at)
  • Note also that not being selected is not preventing you from participating and networking! Consult our badge page to find out about the different options and level of registration.




  • We strongly recommend that you secure funding for your travel in advance of application.
  • We are a showcasing conference and therefore do not provide support for travel, accommodation, per diem or catering.
  • You are responsible of getting any necessary visas to perform in Canada and the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada.
  • We provide a basic backline for selected bands that are based outside of Montreal (drum, bass+guitar amp).
  • Performing artists receive an artist wristband for each band member on stage only – artist wristband provide access to panels and showcases and have to be picked up^by the official representative at the registration desk while picking up his own badge (at Hotel 10 located 10, Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, Québec, H2X 4C9 , Nov 19-22 2019).


  • Selected artists MUST have a representative that will purchase a PRO + 3 DINNER PACKAGE BADGE and will participate to the 4-day event. The representative must be identified when the offer is accepted.
  • Selected artists’ representative MUST fill in the online survey(s) Mundial Montreal will send post-event for any results that may arise from the showcase participation. Answers will be kept confidential and will only be divulged to grants and government organization (i.e. FACTOR, MUSICACTION, etc.) for grants report. Required in formation includes:
    • The list of shows booked or in discussion (which festival / venue from)
    • The list of offers received (booking, management, publicist, labels, etc.), detailing from whom;
    • The list of medias the artist got press coverage from;
    • The number of new connections made;
    • etc.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change these terms and conditions.