August 9, 2018


Eager to learn more about Indigenous culture, traditions, and talent? Check out some of these amazing events across the country!

Here in Québec, there are 3 significant festivals coming up:

The Innu Nikamu Festival, taking place in the traditional meeting point of Maliotenam, is heading into its 33rd year. It is one of the only festivals taking place on a reserve, creating meaningful links with local communities. This year’s program, from August 2-5, features Mundial alumni Beatrice Deer, Samian, and Shauit.
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Présence Autochtone – Montreal First Peoples Festival is heading into its 28th edition, taking over the Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal from August 7-15. This venerable event highlights the music, film, cuisine, and art being created by Indigenous artists around the world. It features Mundial alumni Beatrice Deer, Iskwé, and The Jerry Cans on the big stage, for free!.
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Imagine NATIVE is the world’s largest Indigenous film and media arts festival. The 19th edition takes place from October 17-21 in Toronto.
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Around the country, summer is full of festivals highlighting the artists.
Some that have passed (mark your calendars for next year!) include:

Talking Stick Festival (February, Vancouver)

sākihiwē festival (June, Winnipeg)

Alianait Arts Festival (June, Iqaluit)

Indigenous Music Awards

Indigenous Day Live


Also, check out the ongoing showcase series of contemporary indigenous talent, RPM Live

Want to live the incredible experience of a pow-wow?
Here is a pow-wow list: