Meet the African delegation

Thrilled to welcome more than 20 awesome professionals working closely with / from AFRICA, including conference organizers, presenters, labels, agents, managers, artists, journalists, governments, institutions…

Blick Bassy

Othantiq AA / Show-me Bordeau - France

Vanessa Kanga

Festival Afropolitain Nomade Montréal - Canada

Raoul Rugamba

Hobe Agency Kigali - Rwanda

Didier Toko

Douala Music Art Festival (DOMAF) Douala - Cameroon

Herman Kabubi

Bayimba Cultural Foundation Kampala - Uganda

Dudu Sarr

Youssou Ndour Management / Dakar Music Expo Dakar - Senegal

Amine Hamma

Fondation HIBA Rabat - Morocco

Yannick Drick

Chad Music Expo N'Djamena - Chad

Walter Wanyanya

Ngoma Nehosho Harare - Zimbabwe

Magali Palmira Wora

Believe Digital Distribution Libreville - Gabon

Alif Naaba

Rencontre Musicales Africaines (REMA) Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

Mory Toure

Radio Afrika Bamako - Mali

Diana Ndoumbe

Sony Music Ivory Coast Abidjan - Ivory Coast

Lamine Ba

Music in Africa Foundation Dakar - Senegal

Shabani Ramadhani Hamissi

Marahaba Music Expo Bujumbura - Burundi

Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo

France 24 Bogota - Colombia

Ernestine Nétoua

Festival Koura Gosso / Association AFEMA FEMME AUSSI N'Djamena - Chad

Afaf Abahoua

Visa for Music Rabat - Morocco

Rass Nganmo

Love N'live Cameroon

To see all the delegates participating in this year’s edition of Mundial, Click HERE


Here is a playlist curated by Netoua (Festival Koura Gosso, Association FEMME AUSSI) for a journey to a few sounds emerging from the continent : Click HERE 

Did you know...

Industry Music Conferences and networks are well establishing all over Africa?

Christine Semba – Head of …

The WOMEX Academy is welcoming African delegations and is providing orientation to support artists and other music professionals who wish to strengthen their skills to access the international circuits and markets.

For more information

Katherine McVicker with Ignacio Priego & Walter Wanyanya have been developing Cultural Connections Africa (CCA)

They have prepared for you a short presention video to tell you about it:

  • Video Introduction of Ignacio Priego ICI
  • Video Introduction of Katherine McVicker ICI


“The African music scene is bubbling and inspiring, as rich as it is creative. And yet artists from Africa and the Middle East lack of international visibility”.

-Visa For Music

Sahariennes – Greg & Olivier can tell you more!

  • Olivier Conan and Greg at Derapage Production have been closely working on a special show Sahariennes in collaboration with Institut Français (#AFRICA 2020)

Atlantic Music Expo

  • Elodie Da Silva can’t join us but she shared a few figures showing Canadian presence in recent years
    • Atlantic Music Expo is :
      • More than 30 Canadian bands who applied in the last 3 years ;
      • More than 25 Canadian artists in 2018 and 14 in 2019 ;
      • More than 20 Canadian professionals welcomed to date in Cap Verde.
  • Undeniable influence

Mobility and diseases were an issue Africans have learnt to live with way before Covid 19 appeared in our lives. It’s a fact, Africa has always been a strong pool of inspiration for artists. How come then, despite all of the local challenges, Africa has been so much influencing music creators around the world  and looking so attractive in the eyes of major pop stars looking for featurings, or in the eyes of international organizations rushing there looking for collaborations ? If visas are often an issue, what made those sounds travel throughout the borders and those artists visible? What are the strategies adopted to develop an artist career within this particular context(s)?


  • Get inspired

Let’s take a moment to create a dialog, learn and get inspired from our friends from the other side of the pond who have been collaborating on amazing international projects.


  • Resilience and gratitude

While working from Africa can also mean working in contexts that aren’t making things easy, how come the music industry remains so active, attractive and growing? Here you go, it’s a fact, some of the colleagues are facing daily challenges that we don’t have over here in Canada. However, projects and artists careers are being developed! Virtual showcases have been happening and nicely broadcasted… Thinking outside of the box!


Let spend a moment connecting with experts of their own field/territory/ market that are truly skilled professionals.

Many thanks for the support of the Consulat Général de France à Québec which helped make this all possible.