Meet the Indigenous Professionals

Building on the incredible efforts of the International Indigenous Music Summit, we are happy to be able to connect with Indigenous organizers and artists from Canada and beyond. A dedicated session on Tuesday November 23 will give the entire community some time to get to know their counterparts in a friendly conversational setting.

The 2020 virtual edition means that access to the event is much easier than ever, and we are really hoping to welcome people who have not been able to participate in industry conferences, or who have focused on regional conferences. Also, in our networking activities, we are getting a bit away from pitching this year, focusing a lot on creating new conversations and developing relationships with people that are not as rooted in their specific job or title. Getting to know people and the community is a big goal this year.

A dedicated session of “Meet the Indigenous delegation” (Nov 23) will feature some themed breakout rooms, with the idea that having a few conversations of 6-12 people is better than a more one-way presentation format.


Participants include :

Alan Greyeyes

Alannah Johnston

Sara Ajnnak

Leonard Sumner

André Dudemaine

Leah Flanagan

Jade Harper

Rob Thomson

Meeka Morgan

Amanda Rhéaume

To see all the delegates participating in this year’s edition of Mundial, Click HERE

Indigenous Sounds Series

Here is a review of our Indigenous Sounds Series over the last Mundial editions. The series showcases professional, export-ready artists and is accompanied by professional development activities, mentoring sessions and other targeted networking activities. Click HERE