Meet the delegation from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Building upon the connections facilitated through our 2019 “Breaking into MENA” session that featured a variety of regional professionals, the 2020 edition of Mundial is thrilled to be keeping the dialog open between colleagues of our international music community and luminaries of a fruitful territory we are still discovering.

Get to know our 2020 MENA delegation now!

Anthony Semaan

“My favorite thing(s) about the local market: The weather, the people, the food and the chaotic hunt of trying to make this place make sense.”

Basem Abuarab

"As per individual study I made, %81.3 of the Egyptian audience are longing for more musical concerts to take place"

Dina Abuzeid

"Arts&culture have been my passion since childhood, believing that art can empower people. I’m one of the luckiest few who’s doing what I’m passionate about for arts &culture, events management and music management... "

Lara Khoury

“MENA region … well I’d describe it this way: A rich and diverse cultural heritage that offers an endless source of inspiration and influence to a melting pot of developing talent and eclectic sounds. "

Mais Sahli

Rami Obeid

“There is immense beauty in Beirut's organized chaos. It gives you room to be creative without too many limitations.”

Tissy Neshnash

"As Media Relations manager, I collaborate for the promotion of many cultural, musical and major events in Morocco. What I like the most ? Is to see how different professions have evolved during the last 20 years, to aim today for solid cultural industries."

To see all the delegates participating in this year’s edition of Mundial, Click HERE

Check out last year’s conversation to catch up on the specificities of each regional market HERE ! (English video with French subtitles)

(Video recorded, translated and provided courtesy of Wake Island)

Make sure to pencil in your agenda this breakout session taking place on Nov. 24th, around noon EST (40min only!)

Feel free to connect with our MENA delegates before then by sending them your meeting requests through the platform.