Messages from the dignitaries

Mundial Montreal would like to thank them for their support !

Gouvernment of Canada

The Honourable Steve Guilbeault

Minister of Canadian Heritage


Mundial Montreal is a key event in promoting the Canadian music industry. By forging bonds between artists and presenters, it helps raise the profile of local talent on the national and international scenes. Each year, it plays an undeniably important role in the cultural life of the region, and we know just how vital this work is right now. That is why our government is pleased to contribute to the success of this 10th edition.

As Minister of Canadian Heritage, I would like to thank everyone who demonstrated creativity and innovation in bringing us this special version of Mundial Montreal. I hope you all enjoy exciting encounters and productive discussions. Congratulations on this event’s 10th anniversary!

Gouvernment of Québec

Nathalie Roy

Ministre de la culture et des Communications

Chantal Rouleau

Ministre déléguée aux Transports et ministre responsable de la Métropole et de la région de Montréal

World music in the spotlight

The Government of Québec is pleased to contribute to the success of Mundial Montréal, an event that highlights cultural legacies and the great richness of world music.

Mundial Montréal is a business meeting dedicated to the development of artists from this industry, which allows them to export their talent and propel their careers on the international scene. The event thus contributes to making the city and the whole province of Québec shine bright.

On the occasion of this edition of Mundial Montréal in an entirely virtual format, we wish all participants and professionals from the world music community to make memorable encounters that are rich in discoveries.

Ville de Montréal

Valérie Plante

Mayor of Montréal


Montréal is known for its cultural vitality. However, the pandemic that turned 2020 on its head has hit the cultural community hard, forcing it, like many others, to reinvent itself. Fortunately, despite the difficulties, many players on the cultural scene have managed to promote their art and their city in new ways.

Mundial Montréal is among those who have refused to give up and once again this year, in spite of all the odds, are offering an exceptional showcase and a springboard to the international scene for emerging artists.

A true must-see for the fall season in Montréal, Mundial Montréal offers a renewed formula this year adapted to the context of the pandemic. In addition to showcasing the talents of local artists, the event allows Montrealers to discover great talents from the world of arts, music and creative industries.

The city of Montréal is proud to support the cultural and creative industries that contribute to the reputation and dynamic energy of the metropolis, and welcomes initiatives such as Mundiall.