Mundial 2020

As a professional attending Mundial 2020, you will need to follow these simple steps

Before November 9 :

  • Register on our website via

November 10 :

  • You will receive your personal URL to access the platform PariConnex;
  • It is very important to fill in the questionnaire in order to create your profile so the matchmaking will be effective.

November 23 and 24 :

  • Attend live programming scheduled those 2 days from B2B to panels and artist spotlights.

November 18 to 28 :

  • Screen the delegate list displayed in a way that you see who you’re most compatible with (recommendations only) ;
  • put a star next to the pro’s you want to connect with (create your own wish list) ;
  • navigate the platform, access content, visit booths… make sure your profile is complete ;
  • make your own agenda (choose activities you don’t want to miss – you’ll receive notifications to remind you when it starts) ;
  • take meetings YOU want (1on1 OR  group meetings).

Mundial 2020 Special Edition : VIRTUAL-ONLY

This year’s virtual edition will be hosted on digital platform powered by a specialized algorithm. This year, in collaboration with several cultural export events we are building a smart platform offering a 10-day window for connecting as well as a focused 2-day long virtual event that will include networking, artist spotlights, panels and more. The algorithm will find interesting connections between delegates and share them with you in your profile on the site. This year the focus is less on pitching and more on bonding.

Mundial 2020 : what to expect?


The virtual-only 2020 edition of Mundial will happen on November 23-24. We are living in a moment of major disruption, but we also see a beautiful opportunity to focus on the original values of our work, emphasizing community, cooperation, mutual support, and inclusion! 

Whether you are in Iqaluit, Yellowknife, Medellín, N’Djamena, Dakar, São Paolo, Rimouski or elsewhere, more than ever this year MUNDIAL is a direct portal to the global ecosystem of cultural music professionals. Join and fuel the conversation!

We feel that this is a moment where global solidarity in the face of so much uncertainty is not only necessary, but truly possible. So, get ready for artist spotlights, panels, professional meetings, 1 on 1 encounters and more! 

Artist discoveries

Mundial Montreal 2020 will feature 10 discovery Spotlights, with interviews and video clips followed by Q&A sessions (live with the artist & their rep). Those talents will be showcasing then, at the 2021 November edition.

PRO Badge gives you

  • Access to the platform Nov 18-28  
    • educational video content
    • networking space for pro connections with national and international delegates– facilitated by our new matchmaking tool & compatibility system 
    • virtual lounge 
    • possibility to watch and replay content from Nov 23&24 programming 
    • possibility to create your own agenda 
    • special offers from our partners  
  • Access to all of the activities scheduled on Nov 23 & 24  
    • discovery spotlights (10min video + opportunity to engage with the artist and his rep’ – live) 
    • panels, round-tables  
    • structured B2B activities (different format facilitating connections with experts) 
  • Visibility (your pro profile on our platform, website and communications)

Important note

The content that will be broadcast live on November 23-24 will be archived on the Natural Pairconnex platform until November 28.