Mundial @ Folk Alliance International 2020!

From January 22 to 26, 2020, Mundial Montréal will participate in the 32nd edition of Folk Alliance International, which will focus on “The Story of People and Place” to address issues of diversity, inclusion, immigration, intersection and influence.


Mundial Montréal’s mission is to create opportunities for artists and build bridges for the international music community. One of the main ways to accomplish these missions is to participate in other industry markets: to support Canadian artists, to organize networking activities and to provide expertise and support to Canadian delegations.

We will be travelling to New Orleans for Folk Alliance International from January 22 to 26, 2020. Following last year’s edition held in Montreal, we are pleased to help deepen the relationship between folk music and world music circuits. As we have been saying for some time now, « Folk music is World music! ».

Folk Alliance recently announced its range of official showcases, and they clearly received the memo, with a significant number of artists from different cultural backgrounds and with very different sounds!

In addition, Folk Alliance was also the first venue for the Aboriginal Music Summit, which brought together artists, organizers, industry representatives and other Aboriginal stakeholders for invitational conversations only, resulting in a great international conversation. There will be a second summit at FAI next year and we look forward to seeing how it develops.

Mundial will be represented at Folk Alliance, supporting Canadian artists and the many selected alumni. Here is a list of Mundial alumni in the official selection:

Alysha Brilla
Cha Wa
Digging Roots
Doctor Nativo
Élage Diouf
Emily Wurramara
Leyla McCalla
Mélisande [Électrotrad]
Minor Empire
Quique Escamilla
Rafiki Jazz
Ramon Chicharron
The Jerry Cans


23 JANUARY 2020 (Waterburry Ballroom stage)

4:50pm Ramon Chicharron 
5:40pm Elisapie 
6:30pm Alysha Brilla 
7:20pm Élage Diouf
8:10pm Digging Roots 



 I hope to see this deepen in years to come at FAI and have it be more synonymous with global folk traditions, and less so the confines of the singer-songwriter and “trad” roots of folk…all of which are important, but are simply one view of folk music.

The first priority (over the 3) includes diversity, inclusion and internationalism, in particular regarding the Indigenous representation in our industry.

Now more than ever as a community, we have to look beyond  our comfort in doing business and understand the social impact and the responsibility we all have as connectors and conservators. It starts with looking around us, every day, at every show, every meeting, to check and designate how much it’s homogeneous. It’s not the optics or the appearances; it’s a deeper need to recognize the richness of ideas and possibilities that are missing. As every ecosystem, without diversity, it is condemned to erode.” 

                                                    — Aengus Finnan, executive director, Folk Alliance International.

In the past four years, ambition, innovation, diversification and inclusion became key words and the now orientation of Folk Alliance International which is moving towards :

  • Expanding internationally and synonymous with folk globally
  • An expanded vision of folk music,  a more global, more adapted and relevant vision of the world surrounding us.

Folk Alliance International truly believes that it is through the integration of greater diversity that we can, among other things, bring preconceived ideas into question and at the same time, reveal more the similarities. This change is illustrated and more detailed in their annual report of 2015-2016 and their renewed values statement.

Also find all the statistics of FAI in their 2018 edition report here!

2018 stats: 2 855 participants including 417 broadcasters and 35 countries which are represented in 2018, 27 countries in 2017 (and 18 in 2016)


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BIG thanks to our partners : FACTOR, the Canadian governmentCanadian heritage, the SODECFolk Alliance International, Mundial Montréal and Avalanche Prod.


We acknowledge the financial support of FACTOR, Canadian government and private Canadian broadcasters.