January 31, 2018

Mundial @ Folk Alliance International 2018


Mundial Montreal will be “bringing the world” to the 30th edition of Folk Alliance International in Kansas City, Missouri, February 14-18.


Now more than ever, diversity, inclusion, and international understanding are paramount issues, especially as it relates to the ethos of folk music. Expanding our perspectives and programs, challenging ourselves to think anew, and ensuring the doors and windows of our house are open will make a better future for all.”- Aengus Finnan, Executive Director, Folk Alliance International.






  • Themed stages: 
    • Blues + Traditional + Global Roots + …

                    ↦  FRIDAY at 6 p.m. / Pershing North 





  • Decolonizing Folk – ft. Karima Daoudi (Old Town School of Folk Music Chicago), ShoShona Kish (Digging Roots)
    ↦ THURSDAY at 1 p.m. / Pershing North 
  • Curation Beyond Ticket Sales  – ft. Isabel Soffer (globalFEST), Alan Greyeyes (Manitoba Music)
    ↦ THURSDAY at 2:30 p.m. / Shawnee Mission
  • Diversifying the Approachft. Shoshona Kish (Digging Roots), Alka Sharma (Folk Music Ontario)
    ↦ FRIDAY  at 1 p.m. / Shawnee Mission
  • Modern Day Activism  ft. Vox Sambou (artist)
    ↦ SATURDAY at 10:30 p.m. / Pershing North 
  • Indigenous State  ft. ShoShona Kish (Digging Roots), Alan Greyeyes (Manitoba Music)
    ↦ SATURDAY at 2:30 p.m. / Pershing North 
  • Reorganizing Organization best practices to people who might want to instigate new programming”
    ↦ SATURDAY at 2:30 p.m. / Pershing North 

Explore more using the program book of the 30th edition of Folk Alliance International.


  • Don’t miss out the CANADA QUEBEC RECEPTION – sponsored by CIMA, Délégation du Québec à Chicago, Folk Music Canada, Folquébec
    ↦ SATURDAY at 5 p.m. / Century Foyer
  • The reception will be followed by Folquébec’s official showcase Québec Spotlight (ft. Vox Sambou and Boogat).
    ↦ SATURDAY at 6:15 p.m. / Century C




About Folk Alliance International

aengus finnan headshot“World music is folk music! I hope to see this deepen in years to come at FAI and have it be more synonymous with global folk traditions, and less so the confines of the singer-songwriter and “trad” roots of folk… all of which are important, but are simply one view of folk music.“ – Aengus Finnan, Ex. Director, Folk Alliance International.


Folk Alliance International has become profoundly more diverse in the past 4 years, bringing diversity and inclusion in folk (27 countries have been represented in 2017).

Find attendees statistics in the 2017 edition report here! (2 694 attendees / 406 presenters).
Find attendees statistics in the 2018 edition report here! ( 2 855attendees / 417 presenters)

It has a strong direction and an ambitious team. Their continued growth and refinement includes:

  • Expanding internationally and synonymous with folk globally
  • Progressive, relevant, diverse, inclusive, high-profile, innovative, creative, and fun!

Folk Alliance International believes that bringing greater diversity to the organization is challenging assumptions while revealing similarities. This change is exemplified in their 2015-16 Annual Report and their New Values Statement.

Click here to find out even more about FAI!
Who attends? Click here for participants lists including the presenters’ list.

In 2018, 27% of showcased artists were canadian!

Mundial @Folk Alliance 2017 – details here.



Make sure you mark your calendar for next year’s edition which will be held in MONTREAL!

2019 February 13-17, Montreal, QC, CAN