August 23, 2017


Katowice (Poland) will enjoy a major Canadian invasion October 25-29 this year! Building on the largest Canadian delegation ever in 2016, Mundial Montreal is back, coordinating closely with Canadian partners and industry stakeholders at WOMEX, the world’s leading industry gathering, which this year heads the furthest east it’s ever been! With 2 Canadian artists performing, a panel highlighting developments in Indigenous music, a World Routes Network meeting, and several networking receptions, this year will continue to cement Canada’s status as a major international player in world music and cultural diversity.

Mundial Montreal, North America’s World Music Summit, continues its role as a connector within the strong Canadian delegation. Mundial is pulling resources together for the community and strengthening the Canadian position in the global market, making the most of available opportunities. The home base for all Canadian delegates will be the venerable Canada Stand, with a collective presence including Mundial Montreal and Folquébec under the banner of “World Music de Chez Nous,” plus booths from CIMA, ANIM and CINARS.

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 is an official selection of the 7 Samurai! They will be performing on Saturday October 28, at 9:45 pm, Spodek Twin Stage B.
WESLI will be performing an offWOMEX showcase on Thursday, October 26 at 12:45 am, offWOMEX Stage ICC.

Since 2011, MAZ have set themselves apart with their unique blend of acoustic trad and electric jazz. Inspired by one of Quebec’s most famous legends, the group’s concert has been praised by audiences and critics alike, owing to MAZ’s vibrant stage energy.

Based in Montreal since 2001, Wesli is one of the most recognized contemporary Haitian singer-songwriters on the international scene, sharing his experiences and mixing traditional Haitian music with reggae, afrobeat, and many other influences.

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One of the major stories of the last 2 years in Canada has been the emergence of Indigenous issues to the forefront of our collective consciousness. After the work of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission and the Idle No More Movement, the Canadian mainstream, from politicians (including our Prime Minister, who has stated that “Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples is its number one priority”) to cultural institutions, have woken up to issues that Indigenous activists and artists have been speaking about for a long time.

In order to share this crucial development, which has both social, cultural, political and economic impacts, Mundial Montreal has proposed a panel to WOMEX titled “Decolonizing Artistic Practice: The Indigenous Music Wave in Canada” that will provide insights for the international community on the growth and maturity of the Indigenous music community, as well as on how the Canadian industry and institutions have responded to these developments and worked to be allies.

Thursday, October 26, 11:15-12, Conference Room 2

More info on the panel

Alan Greyeyes
Manitoba Music
Peguis First Nation

ShoShona Kish
Digging Roots

Derek Andrews
Mundial Montreal

More information on our ongoing series Indigenous Sounds
Listen to some of Canada’s most innovative Indigenous artists

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NETWORK MEETING: World Routes Network

Building on this extensive showcase component will be a range of networking activities aimed at developing relations between Canada and the world. Mundial is organizing activities as well as coordinating with other Canadian partners to achieve a maximum impact for our community.

Returning from a successful inaugural session, the World Routes Network is an initiative created by Mundial Montreal whose mandate is to inform, represent, advocate and provide services to its members, composed of presenters from across Canada, plus North America interested in showcasing world music. The Network is emerging from the 6 years of intensive Presenter Meetings held at Mundial Montreal.

Mundial Montreal is extremely proud to be so deeply involved in the Canadian delegation at WOMEX and to collaborate closely with a variety of industry stakeholders to make a profound impact for Canadian world music.


RECEPTIONS – Meet the Canadians at WOMEX!

  • Reception in coll. with the Canada Council for the Arts THURSDAY Oct 26, 4:30pm, by invitation only.
  • Reception in coll. with Folquébec : FRIDAY Oct 27 4:30pm, at our booth #256-7.


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MAZ official showcase: Saturday, October 28, 9:45 pm (Spodek Twin Stage B)
Wesli offWOMEX showcase: Thursday, October 26, 12:45 am (offWOMEX Stage ICC)

Panel – Decolonizing Artistic Practice: The Indigenous Music Wave in Canada
Thursday October 26, 11:15-12, Conference Room 2

World Routes Network meeting Thursday October 26, 3:30-4:15 pm, Network Room 1

RECEPTIONS – Meet the Canadians at WOMEX!

  • Reception in coll. with the Canada Council for the Arts THURSDAY Oct 26, 4:30pm, by invitation only.
  • Reception in coll. with Folquébec : FRIDAY Oct 27 4:30pm, at our booth #256-7.


Visit us in Canada Stand
Folquébec – Booth #257
Mundial Montréal – Booth #256
CIMA – Booth #255
CINARS – Booth #254
ANIM – Booth #253
Canada Council for the Arts – Booth #245 – #250

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WOMEX is the largest gathering of world music industry professionals in the world. Its 22nd edition, in 2016 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, attracted 2400 professionals from 95 countries. More than 60 artists performed official showcases.

About Katowice
A former mining city turned creative hub, Katowice was awarded the UNESCO City of Music label for their engagement, important music festivals as well as a cultural zone including the soon-to-be WOMEX venues such as the magnificent NOSPR concert hall.

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