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First time at Mundial?

This is my first time, how can I get the most out of Mundial ?

If this is your first time at Mundial Montreal, you may well be wondering… How should I prepare myself? What should I do when I get there? We have prepared a short guide to help you get the most out of your participation in Mundial Montréal. Please note that our 2020 edition guide will be available soon. For now, here’s our guide from previous editions.

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Some numbers...

Sectors of activity from which the delegates come

The countries from wich the delegates come

What they think...

Sandra Butel

Régina Folk Festival

“Mundial Montréal is like  an « all you can eat » : great music, lots of networking opportunites and it’s all so well organized. A wonderful conference. “

Debbie Peters

Magnum Opus Management

“I find Mundial really effective and of high quality, where presenters converge and a huge potential of business relationships. It was a really great showcase for Leela Gilday – good romm, good programming. The duration of the showcase was good too and everyibe was there. What could we ask more than an opportunity like this. I also greatly appreciated networking opportunities such as receptions and dinners.”



“Unbelievable! We have had tangible benefits in less than two weeks! What we appreciated most was being able to be in the same room with the people we write to. It is also having the chance to show them the best of ourselves, in a beautiful room, with good sound and to play.”

Dan Dewayne

California Worldfest, LA

“Incredible and exceptionally well programmed performances, fabulous interactions during the « speed schmooze », the fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with peers from around the world. Mundial Montréal was an amazing conference.”