Mundial Montreal

An annual gathering of professionals in the world music industry, Mundial Montréal is a springboard for artists’ national and international career development.

2019 : November 19-22

2020 : November 17-20

2021 : November 16-19




What to expect….

No trade fair, no stands: a “boutique” format.

Only 1 activity or showcase at a time!

The ideal platform to discover current trends in the great family of so-called world music

National and international, non-competitive networking, professional meetings & “B2B” activities.

Special attention to participants and outcomes!

What they said

Mundial is also ...

The World Roads Network is a national service organization recognized by Canadian Heritage.

It brings together more than 150 pan-Canadian presenters (festivals – theatres, etc.) active in presenting circuits of world music artists.

Mundial Montréal conducts numerous missions to foreign markets each year called Mundial On The Road: in Europe (WOMEX, Babel Med Music), in the United States (APAP, FOLK ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL), in Africa (Atlantic Music Expo), etc.

The Indigenous Sounds series secures a place for artists from Indigenous communities in Mundial Montréal’s programming. It highlights the talent, presence and diversity of the various Indigenous communities across Canada.

It all started here...

Did you know that?

It was in a taxi in NYC in January 2011 that Mundial was born. Sébastien tells you about it

And now I find myself sharing a yellow taxi with my Toronto friend, programmer Derek Andrews, both rushing to the next artists’ showcase on the agenda that night. Questioning the frantic rhythm of this race to catch some notes of the next musical sensation coming from the Maghreb, I suddenly threw then to Derek:

– “Why not organize a real North American professional meeting of all the world’s music in Montreal? Am I dreaming where it doesn’t exist? »

– “You’re a dreamer but you don’t dream, Seb. There were a few attempts, but nothing held up…” he replied.

– “Great, if I’m not dreaming, let’s get started. »

The reality is that the years have passed and this project has not stopped growing and responding to a crying need in the sector!

The co-founders

Sébastien Nasra

Sébastien Nasra launched the careers of many renowned artists such as Jorane, Soul Attorneys, Les Respectables, Beast and Elisapie between 1994 and 2012, at the local, national and international levels. He has also served on several boards of directors, including SOCAN, ADISQ and APEM as a co-founder.

Derek Andrews

Derek Andrews is a Toronto-based concert and festival organizer, artistic director of the World Music Conference Mundial Montréal and a recognized advocate for the elimination of cultural barriers through music. He received the CAPACOA award for his outstanding contribution to touring in 2018.

Mundial in images

More than just a market, Mundial Montréal stands out for its warm atmosphere and an environment conducive to business development.