Why should I participate in Mundial 2020 edition?

NOTICE: You must register before November 9th to guarantee your access to PRO activities!

As announced, Mundial Montréal 2020 will be a virtual-only edition taking place November 23-24. This edition will be the opportunity to refocus on the core values of our work, emphasizing community, cooperation, mutual support, and inclusion!

More than ever, this year gives you the chance, whether you are in Iqaluit, Yellowknife, Medellín, N’Djamena, Dakar, São Paolo, Rimouski or elsewhere, to join the conversation and the global ecosystem of cultural music professionals.

In these uncertain times, we believe that solidarity is not only necessary, but truly possible. So, get ready for artist spotlights, conferences, discussions, professional meetings and much more!

Community, sharing of information, values, ideas and experiences, all the things that have made Mundial Montreal this unique, recognized, and unifying event will be within everyone’s reach this year. Earth’s boundaries are faded, and the foundations of Mundial Montreal are only stronger.

Building bridges between all the players in the world music industry has never been so possible and important. Discovering new horizons, opening up to others, community development, nurturing new cooperation

Mundial Montreal strengthens the bonds between all of us in a process of exchange and action, and this edition will be no exception.

Will the virtual world really benefit me?

This year’s virtual edition will be hosted on digital platform powered by a specialized algorithm that will find connections between delegates and share them with you in your profile on the platform’s website.

This year, in collaboration with other cultural export events, we are offering a 10-day window for connecting as well as a focused 2-day long virtual event that will include networking, artist spotlights, panels and more. The focus is less on pitching and more on bonding.

November 23rd and 24th will give you the opportunity to connect throughout the event with

Affinity group meetings 
BENEFITS: find your colleagues! Gatherings of presenters, agents, managers, artists/musicians, institutions, media.

1on1 organized by Mundial Montréal
BENEFITS: not a pitching session! Unexpected meetings and new conversations! Get to know each other, make connections, make friends.

Meet the…
BENEFITS: building bridges, nurture collaborations abroad. We’ll welcome delegations from several territories that could become your next collaborator!

This virtual edition erases political boundaries. It’s time to take advantage of it and build those bridges that are the very soul of Mundial.

A virtual platform yes, but an enjoyable experience too!

Don’t panic, it will be EASY for you to navigate on the platform.

Our program has been designed to optimize your time. Remember our keywords: results oriented/thoughtfully curated/celebratory. 

We are making the platform available over a longer period to allow you to organize your agenda as you please without missing any relevant information. The content broadcasted live on November 23-24 will be archived on the Pairconnex platform until November 28.

This 10-day window will allow users to make the most out of the platform, to set up meetings (individual and group meetings), access content you may have missed, and more. Make sure to leave room in your agenda to truly make the most out the Mundial 2020 experience! 

We will guide you through this Mundial experience so that you can get involved and enjoy this moment to connect.

A preview of what to expect

  • 10 Artists Spotlights
    • one third come from Quebec, one third from the rest of Canada and the other third from abroad
  • Networking Sessions and Community Building
    • Affinity group meeting session (1 per day Nov 23-24)
    • 1on1 (prearranged meetings) curated by Mundial Montreal (1 per day Nov 23-24)
    • 3 focus on delegations running simultaneously per day (1 per day Nov 23-24)
  • 4 conferences/discussions
  • Digital Tote bags (goodies, free downloads…)
  • Virtual library of insights
  • Natural Pairconnex networking meetings Nov 18-28

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