World routes network

Born out of the private presenter meetings at Mundial Montréal, the World Routes Network is a national service organization whose purpose is to inform, represent, defend and serve the interests of its members. Composed of Canadian presenters committed to the presentation of world music artists and the promotion of cultural diversity.

Touring and block-booking opportunities from one part of the country to the other, from East to West and from North to South.

Iqualuit, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Vancouver, Halifax, Moncton, Gaspé, Sudbury, Ottawa, Québec, Toronto, Sherbrooke, Charlottetown…

The Routes du monde network brings together key festival and theatre programmers from all Canadian provinces, as well as representatives from other Canadian broadcasting networks. The organization’s mission is to:

– Consolidate touring tours and deepen the practical knowledge of its members through the Presenter Meetings. These will provide guidance and advice to help members effectively achieve their artistic and organizational goals, including working on “en bloc” tour planning and professional development strategies.

– Develop and coordinate activities at major industry events with a national and/or international scope and in which broadcasters (and industry professionals) participate in a meaningful way, such as those mentioned below.

Since 2016, they have met more than twenty times all over the world!

  • WOMEX in Spain, Finland, the Canary Island, etc.
  • Atlantic Music Expo (AME) in Cape Verde.
  • Folk Alliance International (FAI) in the United States.
  • Etc.

What they think...

Chris Dearlove

National Arts Centrer (Canada)

“It’s rare to have one-on-one time with such a large and diverse group of presenters. The opportunity to discuss in person our interest in a particular artist and our programming ideas over a given period of time is extremely useful and practical, especially when it comes to planning our next seasons and identifying expenses that could be shared such as travel costs, which are often an obstacle when we want to present large groups or foreign artists.”

Doug Cox

Vancouver Island Music Festival (Canada)

“A memorable experience, sparkling, educational and with a spirit of cooperation like nowhere else in the Canadian industry. A perfect balance that combines business, music and good humour.”

Alan Davis

Small World Music (Canada)

“Quality time to share and exchange together on our needs and practices.”

Gabrielle Rémillard

Festival international de Jazz de Montréal (Canada)

“A nice and warm meeting between colleagues that can facilitate the booking process.”