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Born out of Mundial Montreal’s Presenter Meetings, World Routes Network is a National Arts Service Organization whose mandate is to inform, represent, advocate and provide services to its members, composed of presenters from across Canada interested in developing world music.

Bringing together Canadian festivals, concert halls, clubs and presenter networks, World Routes Network‘s mission is twofold:

  • Deepening its members’ practical knowledge by organizing Presenter Meetings providing guidance and professional assistance on how to effectively reach their objectives from both artistic and organizational standpoints, including block booking strategies and professional development strategies.
  • Developing and coordinating curated networking activities happening at international contact events such as the ones listed below.

Touring and block-booking opportunities across Canada, from the East Coast to the West Coast, from North to South.

Iqualuit, Yellowknife, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Vancouver, Halifax, Moncton, Gaspé, Sudbury, Ottawa, Québec, Toronto, Sherbrooke, Charlottetown…


Canadian presenters (by Province) at the November meeting during Mundial Montréal 2018


History of meetings

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What they said about WRN

Valuable time together for sharing needs and practices
—  Alan Davis, Small World Music (Canada)

A worthwhile, high-spirited, educational and cooperative experience unlike anything else available within the Industry in Canada and perhaps, anywhere else. A well-balanced mix between business, music and spirit.
— Doug Cox, Vancouver Island Music Festival (Canada)

A fun and warm meeting with colleagues that can ease the booking process.
— Gabrielle Rémillard, Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada)

It’s rare to have face-to-face time with such a large and diverse group of presenters. The opportunity to discuss artists of interest and booking plans for a specific period of time is extremely helpful in making plans for future seasons and identifying shared expenses such as travel, which is often a barrier when presenting larger bands or artists from abroad.
— Chris Dearlove, National Arts Center (Canada)


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